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Настоящее имя: Кэтти Милтон
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Пол: Женский
Дата рождения: 25/08/1999
Место жительства: Рига
Интересы: Книги ; Фильмы ; Психология ; Нумерология
Еще о себе: - I... I... - she stopped. - What?... - he looked at her with the question. - I.. - she lowered her head, so he can`t see her eyes. And just become silent. - ... - he wait a second and with a bright smile, step up to her. - Don`t be afraid.. Just say it. I want hear it. - I.. - her shoulders have been shaked, - I... He don`t let the hope to go away.. - I.. - she finally have prepared to say it and grip her fists. - ... I JUST WANT TO KILL YOU WITH MY NOTEBO-O-OK ! With a huge, unexpected jump, she hit his head with her sketchbook. He didn`t say anything.. After a minute, he just did a huge breath and whispered.. - Holly shit....

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